Turn to the Armadillo

Story by : Mist the Hedgechidna

Amy sat on her bed, staring out her bedroom window. She could hear Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix arguing. But what she couldn't understand was why they were arguing. Her, Sonic and Tails had been staying at an abandoned fort, but Robotnick had found them and destroyed the base. They had no other choice but to stay here, on Angel Island. This was all confusing.

She had tried to ask Sonic why they were arguing, but he had said that she was to young to understand. She had slapped him for that one. For goodness sakes she was fourteen! What was she to young to understand?

She covered her ears. The yelling was getting loader and loader. She creped out the door, trying her best to avoid everybody. But what she didn't know was that there was a pair of light green eyes following her ever move. She creped out the front door of the house they were staying at, closing it quietly behind her. She started walking threw the woods surrounding Angel Island. She keep walking until she came to a clearing, never knowing she was being followed.

She sat down, bringing her knees to her chest. She looked up at the full moon over head. "Why are you so depressed?" Amy quickly turned her head to see Mighty, a red and black Armadillo, one of the Chaotix. "What?" He took a seat next to her. I said why are you depressed? You seem awfully down." She looked down at the ground. "I don't like fighting." He looked over at her. She so weak and fragile. As if the tiniest bit of pressure could brake her. "Why can't we stay here, Mighty?"

He then did something that surprised both him and Amy. He brought her into a light hug. He couldn't believe it. He didn't even know her, yet he felt some king of an affection for her. "If it was up to me Amy, I would. But it's not my decision, it's knuckles." She wrapped her arms around his waist and cried into his shoulder. "But we don't have no place else to stay!" He sighed. "Listen. I'll talk to Knuckles, I don't guarantee he'll change his mind, but I'll try.

She smiled. "Oh, thank you Mighty! I owe you one big time!" She kissed him on the cheek and jumped up. "Come on!" She grabbed his hand and they walked back to where the others were still arguing and throwing insults. When they reached within hearing distance Amy covered her ears again. I can't go back right now Mighty. There's just to much yelling. He smiled and tool her hand in his, causing her to blush. "Come on. I Know where we can stay till tomorrow." He led her to a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods.

He unlocked the door and opened it for her. "After you Madame Rose." She giggled and walked in. "Why thank you kind sir." He laughed as he closed the door behind him. It was a nice little cabin. It had a tiny kitchen to the left, a bed to the right, and a couch in the middle of the room.

"It's lovely!" She said, sitting on the bed. Mighty smiled. "I thought you might like it." Again, he took a seat next to her. "Do you want something to eat?" He asked, standing up. "Yes, please." He laughed. "Listen. You don't have to so polite around me, OK?" She nodded. "OK."

Mighty walked off into the kitchen, and started to make some food for the pink hedgehog. Amy stood up, and looked inside at the armadillo. He was better at cooking than Sonic could ever be. "What is it?" She blushed, embarrassed that she had been caught staring at him. "I-it's just, y-you're the first boy I know who can cook." Mighty chuckled silently to himself. "We'll, after I tasted the food the others made, it was either eat take out for the rest of my life, or learn how to cook." He sat two plates on a small table in the center of the kitchen. Lettuce covered the plate, an arrangement of meats on top, with sliced fruits on the side.

"As you can see, I chose the later." He smiled and handed her a fork. "Dig in!" She tasted a little bit of it. "Wow! This is delicious!" A light blush covered his cheeks. "Uh, thanks." The ate in silence for the rest of the meal. Amy stifled a yawn, her eyelids started to fell heavier and heavier. She barely felt Mighty pick her up and carry her over to the small bed.

He pulled back the covers and laid her down. She quickly snuggled into the warmth of the bed and fell asleep. He brushed away a few stray quails that had fallen into her face. "Like an angel." He whispered. He walked over to the couch and laid down. He slowly fell asleep, dreaming of a small pink angel.

"Mighty. Mighty wake up." He could feel himself being lightly shook. Mighty opened his eyes slightly. His eyes were met with another pair of eyes looking back at him.

He yawned. "What happened? Where's the fire?" He asked, looking at the pink hedgehog standing in front of him.

"You said you'd ask him today. You said you would! Now get up. Please!" Amy tugged on his arm, making him laugh since he was so strong she couldn't even budge him.

"I'm getting up Amy, just calm down." He got up, still laughing. She wrapped her arm's around him and then pulled away.

"Thank you Mighty! Thank you very much!" She got behind him and tried to push him toward the door. "Come on Mighty! Get gong."

He just stood there, still laughing. He turned around and picked her up, putting her in font of him and started pushing her toward the door,

"Okay, okay! I get your point already. No need to be pushy." They walked out of the cabin, Mighty locking the door behind him.

They walked threw the forest, talking about various things. Occasionally, Mighty would tell a joke making Amy laugh.

When they got to the house, they saw Knuckles standing outside. Where were you two!?" He yelled.

"We were staying at my hidden place. Why? He didn't know why Knuckles was freaking out like this. It didn't make sense.

"Well, when two people both male and female go missing, ya tend to suspect things." He growled, glaring at Mighty.

Amy looked shocked. She was only fourteen! What did he think she'd do? On second thought, She didn't won't to know.

"Mighty can I talk to you in private?" Mighty nodded. He followed Knuckles back into the woods, glancing back at Amy's concerned face.

Knuckles stood, glaring at Mighty. "What did you two do?" He growled. Mighty sighed and looked him in the eyes.

"Nothing happened Knuckles. All we did was eat dinner and talk. That's all that happened, I promise.

"And what were you two talking about?" Knuckles didn't let up on him. He kept glaring daggers at Might.

"She wanted me to ask you if you'd let them stay here. She's worried that your going to kick them off the Island."

"They can stay. Go tell her that." He said. He turned away and left a dumfounded Mighty behind.

Mighty came out of the bushes and looked around for Amy. He saw her sitting on a fallen log nearby, looking really worried.

He walked over and sat down next to her. He put his arm around her should and brought he into a light hug.

He stroked her quails and tried to calm her down as she started crying. "Shh. Amy. Why are you crying? Knuckles said you could stay! Isn't that good news?"

She put her hand on his chest and sobbed quietly into his shoulder. "I know, and I'm really happy about that."

He didn't understand. "Then why are you crying? What's gotten you so upset?" She pulled away and looked into his eyes, smiling.

"I'm crying becauseā€¦I don't know how to repay you." Mighty just looked confused, causing Amy to laugh.

She stood up and took his hand, indicating that she wanted him to do the same. He stood up and watched ay she hugged him again.

"You've been so kind to me Mighty and I don't know why, after all, I'm only a kid. I would like to repay you anyway I can. I owe you a lot."

This time it was Mightys turn to pull away. He tilted her chin up and looked her straight in the eyes, their faces only centimeters apart.

He smiled this charming smile that made her want to melt right in his arms. He brushed back a few stray quails that were in her face, grazing her cheeks with his thumb.

"You're not a kid Amy. You're a lovely young lady. I can't help but be only nice to you. And you don't have to repay me. It's pleasure enough seeing you smile."

She lowered her face so that he wouldn't see her blush. She giggled a little bit. "What's so funny?" He asked.

She looked up real quick and gave him a little kiss. She then turned around and ran back to the house Knuckles had been letting them stay in.

She touched his lips gently, a light blush covering his face. "I think that I'm falling in love." He then gave a goofy smile and strutted back to the house.


Meanwhile, Amy had decided to go up to her room and right in her diary. But her mind kept drifting back to a certain armadillo.

She got up to the top of the stairs, only to come face to face with a very angry looking Sonic hedgehog.

"And where on earth have you been!? Me and Tails were worried sick about you!" He yelled, glaring at her.

She glared right back at him. "I was out last night with Mighty. And you don't need to start worrying about me! You never did before!"

She stormed past him and slammed the door to her bedroom. "It seems that the only decent person around here is Mighty!"

She laid down on her bed and sighed dreamily. "Mighty. I think that I'm in love with Might Armadillo. It's like he's the only person around here that care about me."

She remember overhearing what Knuckles had told Mighty. It was almost as if he didn't want him around her. And the same went for Sonic.

"Why would those two guys not want me to be around Mighty? He seems like a really nice guy. He's kind, sweet, caring, handsome."

Amy Rose sat down softly on her bed. She felt under her bed and pulled out a red and black diary with a pink pen. She hurried and opened it up to a blank page. She smiled and started writing away her private book, that had all her thought, memories, and feelings in it.

Dear Diary,

Hello again, my dear diary. It's me, Amy Rose. Boy, do i have quite a lot to tell you. Well, you all ready know I'm staying at angel Island, but guess what? I've met this really handsome guy! His name is Mighty. Might Armadillo. He is soooo wonderful! He's nice, Kind, handsome, friendly. Sometimes i get the idea he's a little dense though. And he is real funny. He made me laugh like I haven't laughed in ages! I really like him, but there's this really weird thing going on. You know what it is? Well, I'll tell you. It's Knuckles! AND Sonic! They've been acting really weird lately.

Ever since I started hanging out with Mighty. Do you think they're jelous? They could be. But why? I'm not anything to be jelous about. I know, I know. I'm putting myself down again. But I can't help it. The only time I really feel good is when I'm with Mighty. It makes me feel the way I did when I was eight and chasing Sonic around.

Of course, those days are over. And they'll never happen again. I've promised myself that. It's not that I don't like Sonic any more. I still do. But I've excepted that he'll never like me more then a friend. It was hard at first, and I used to cry myself to sleep over it. Sometimes I still do. But time has changed. I'm older now. And I know better. Well, it's getting late now. I better get to bed. I'll write to you latter.

~Yours forever, Amy Rose

She closed her diary and put it back in the place she pulled it from. "Now, to get some sleep so I can see Mighty tomorrow!" She pulled down the cover of her bed and cuddles into the warmth of the soft wool blankets. She cloed her eyes and fell asleep, thinking of only Mighty.

***********In Mighty's room************************************************************************************

Might Armadillo sat down on his. He pulled out his red journal and his black pen and started writing, a happy smiles dancing on his face.

Dear Journal,

How are you today my friend? I'm just wonderful. I think.....I think I'm in love. There's this girl...she's been on my mind so much lately. Her name? Her name is Amy Rose. It's a beautiful name isn't it? And it fits her. Amy Rose. That's exactly what she is. A beautiful rose. I hope I can see her everyday for the rest of my life. She means the world to me.

But something concerns me. Why was Knuckles acting so weird? What did I do to make him act like that? All I did was hang out with Amy. Could that be it? Could he be jelous of me and Amy? Of me? Nah! That can't be it! Knuckles, the big bad echidna, jelous of a armadillo loke me? Yea right! I just hope she feels the same way about me as I do her. Well, the stars are sure shining brightly tonight. I think I'll go watch them. The remind me of the way Amy's face lights up when she laughs. I better go then. I'll write to you later.

Yours forever (and maybe Amy's too!) Might Armadillo

He closed his journal and put it in the draw of his nightstand. He opened his window and hoped onto a tree. He climbed up it and jumped on the roof, looking up at the stars. The only thing on his mind was Amy Rose.

To be continued....