Fan-made Chaotix (sprite) comics

Well, I don't have much more comics to scan. Since I'm not allowed to upload any Archie scans, I guess I'll have to make something here you go, here are some fan-made Knuckles Chaotix comics that I have found across the Internet. This page will expand later on with more fan-made comics (or at least links to them) as there actually are quite a few of them online as you look around.

If *you* have made any own Chaotix comic, then I would be most interested in hosting it here online. The only conditions I have are that the comic, needless to say, is your own work, and that it has maximum PG-13 rating (too violent, or with adult yiffy or yaoi material is not accepted). And, the comic must contain at least one Chaotix member.

Sprite comics are no longer accepted. Sorry.

Send your comics to:

Chaotix of Tomorrow - The Comic

Updated September 26th, 2008

Chaotix members: Everybody

Chaotix of Tomorrow is turning into a comic, thanks to the wonderful art of Mikah Acord! He has currently just started (it is a long story!), but here (2.4Mb) are the first eight pages!!

Chaotix symdrome

Chaotix members: Everybody

This is an amazing 3-issue (but sadly unfinishsed) comic made by Tigerfog (Uploaded March 4th, 2007). In this hilarious, and well drawn comic, the Chaotix members reunite, and join forces with Amy Rose and Tails, to find the whereabouts about Sonic. A great comic, with lots of action and humour...don't waste anytime, download the issues now!!

Issue #1 (7.2Mb)
Issue #2 (5.0Mb)
Issue #3 (4.5Mb)
Tigerfog would like to have some feedback on this comic, so be sure to tell him what you think! Email him at and tell him what you think!! :)

The last sausage

Chaotix members: Vector, Espio, Charmy

This is a 3-page comic made by Mari Limmy (Uploaded February 20th, 2007). Who is going to have the last sausage? You can download the comic here (6.1Mb)

Tribute to Steve Irwin

Chaotix members: Vector

This is a 4-page comic made by Jayfoxfire (Uploaded October 14th 2006). Vector mourns the death of Steve his own way...You can download the comic here (0.3Mb)

Ruby Echidna

Chaotix members: Everybody

This is comic made by Dawn Best (Uploaded May 11th 2006). In this comic, an echdina named Ruby visits Angel Island. The comic is 12 pages, and could be downloaded (as zip) here.

Chaotix - Super Detective Team

Chaotix members: Vector, Espio & Charmy

This is 20-page long comic made by Felipe Marcantonio (Uploaded August 4th 2005). This is a hilarious comic in which the Detective Agency get a mission to find a lost dog. But things aren't going exactly as planned. By all means, read this comic, I cried of laughter as I read it!! You can download the comic here (8.6Mb)

In this issue (Uploaded February 22nd 2006), Vector gets a lottery ticket and gets very rich. But again, things do not go exactly as planned... You can download the comic here (10.4Mb), rated PG-13 for a bit of hard language.

In this issue (Uploaded June 6th 2006), Espio and Vector forgets about Charmy's birthday, and brings him to a fair. Unfortunately things don't go quite as expected (as You may have guessed from a comic of Yuski ;) ) You can download the comic here (9.5Mb), rated PG-13 for a bit of hard language.

In this issue (Uploaded January 23rd 2007), Espio's sensei visits the Detective Agency, calling Espio for moer training. And of course, we are not talking about ordinary training... ;) You can download the comic here (6.4Mb), rated PG-13 for a bit of hard language.

In this issue (Uploaded August 3rd 2007), Mighty visits the detective agency, asking for help. This comic tells you about how they met for the first time...kinda. ;) You can download the comic here (7.3Mb), rated PG-13 for a bit of hard language.

In this final issue (Uploaded August 3rd 2007), the Chaotix continue to Angel Island to defeat evil over there. An adaption of KNuckles Chaotix 32X...again, kinda. If you thought the previous issues were crazy, you haven't seen anything yet...You can download the comic here (12.1Mb), rated PG-16 for some suggestive material.

Ending video to the comic, by Felipe Marcantonio. Be sure to watch this after that you've read all the comics!!

True Colours

Chaotix members: Everybody

This is 75-page long comic made by NetRaptor. A mysterious kid shows up on the Floating Island and claims Knuckles's protection, but Knuckles doesn't find out what he's protecting the kid from until later.
This is a very sweet and deep comic (and it is finished!) with the Knuckles, the Chaotix, and their new friend Talon.

You can download the comic here (10,0 Mb).

Ultimate Sonic

Chaotix members: Mighty (and Ray the Squirrel)

This comic was created about a year ago, but unfortunately it has gotten cancelled. The comic takes place in a new universe, slighly mixed with SaturdayAm (as Sally appears) as well as the games (Rouge the Bat, Bean the Dynamite Duck, Bark the Polarbear and others). In this universe, Tails is a girl. No, don't stop reading now...the reason for this is that rumors are telling that Tails from the beginning was supposed to be a female, but that this idea got cancelled for Sonic 2. I don't know ether this is true or not, but...that's the way drawn in this comic.

Only two issues were released of this comic, and sadly it has gotten cancelled. It is not even clear how the story actually ends. Ian Potto was in charge of the comic, Maringa Mikic (my girlfriend) made the first issue, Hannah King made the second.

You can download the first issue here (6,1 Mb) and the second issue here (7,3 Mb).

Chaotix Sprite comics

Espio and Shadow - by Venom

A sprite comic about Espio, being challenged for a race with Shadow in the Emerald Hill Zone, to win a chaos emerald.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

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