Chaotix of Tomorrow

Version 2006 available!!

April 20th was the 11th anniversary for Knuckles Chaotix (the original 32X game was released on that day in 1995) and I was planning to celebrate that in my own way, by releasing the next version of Chaotix of Tomorrow. But because of a conflict between me and my Internet domain provider, caused by too heavy traffic to my page, the release was stalled. I was first planning to release the game on May 1st, but the conflict kept going, which stalled the release even further. This is extremely awkward for me, as I knew that many people are waiting to play the next version, as I got several mails about it. But now, as everything has moved to a brand new location, I have finally been able to release it...

This is exactly one month from the original release date. I'm sorry about the delay, but during this last month, I improved the game even further, so I hope the wait payed off.

Below are some screens of the NEW version of the game...

This new version contains:
* improved graphics, and music
* more sidequests
* more items (with a new weaponsystem)
* voice acting (that's right, the Chaotix are talking at certain events!)
* more cutscenes
* ...and much more!!

Pencil Art: Elson "Darkspeeds" Wong
Colour: Nimbyfaygo
Hoax: Magnus Andersson

To download the new version, you need these two files, and ChaotixTomorrow.lzh (36Mb)
Click here to download the *OLD* version (from 2005) (18mb)
Click here to download the cover (full-size)
Click here to watch the animated introduction to the game (flash movie)
Click here to read setup.txt. Please read!!

On request, a walkthrough to the game, containing complete information about all locations, items, bosses etc is now available. If you want a copy of the walkthrough, send me an e-mail. The reason that I don't host it online is that I don't want to spoil the game content for anyone who hasn't played the game yet. The walkthrough is slightly different for the 2006 version, so tell me which one you want. :)
The picture above is a hoax. The game, however, is not a hoax! I have been programming this RPG game with the Chaotix since May 2004 and now the game is finally completed and released exactly 10 years since Knuckles Chaotix was released on Sega 32X!! (April 20th 1995 - April 20th 2005) This game is created with the program "RPG Maker 2000" and the layout is of the same traditional layout like the Phantasy Star-series. The story of the game is told below...
(SPOILER ALERT!!! This game takes place a year after Sonic Heroes! If you haven't played Sonic Heroes yet, and don't want to hear about the ending, READ NO FURTHER!!)

"As long as anyone could remember, the Chaotix team has been the guardians of the secret chaos rings, of Angel Island. History has shown that the job as guardians has been anything than easy althrough the years...

In the summer of 3235, Angel Island and the chaos rings were under the greatest threat ever, as the island was attacked by the evil scientist, Dr. Eggman. Things looked dreadful for some time, as the island got invaded by robots and as the chaos rings were stolen. But after many fierce battles, the Chaotix team, featuring Knuckles the Echidna, Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, Charmy Bee and Mighty the Armadillo, combined their powers, and destroyed Eggman's army and retrieved the rings of chaos.

The battle was over, and peace was restored. Although the efforts of the Chaotix were greatly appreciated by the inhabitants of the island, the Chaotix team went very unrewarded - not a single penny was paid out for the heroes work.

So what would the Chaotix team do now? What would a crocodile with an appetite for life, babes (and most important - FOOD!!), a bee which eventually would get tired of nectar, a hungry chameleon with a long taste-feeling tongue, and a starving armadillo do now?

Vector, Espio and Charmy decided to open up a secret detective agency. They would work for anyone with a good purpose, and with plenty of cash. However, Knuckles the Echidna left the Chaotix party shortly after the defeat of Dr. Eggman to remain as Guardian of the Master Emerald. Mighty the Armadillo was not too keen on the idea of starting a detective agency, and left the team as well. Without telling the Chaotix team exactly what he would do next, he left Angel Island and went down to the planet Mobius, the planet that Angel Island was floating above. The only thing he said before he left was that he had "someone to take care of".

Things looked gloomy for the detective agency at first. Weeks passed without any commission whatsoever. Until one day, when the remaining members of the Chaotix team eventually got a mission by a mysterious stranger: To save him from an evil force, and to destroy Eggman's new army.

Eventually, it turned out that Eggman was the mysterious stranger, and that he had been victim of one of his own projects that had backfired - the Metallix overlord, a giant robot in the shape of Sonic the Hedgehog, had taken over. After another dangerous battle, theChaotix triumphed over the Metallix project in co-operation with several other friends (Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox, Knuckles the Echidna and several others). The only problem remaining was that Eggman in fact had no money to pay, and the Chaotix team were more orless back on square one - no money and their stomachs even emptier than before!

But the Chaotix did not give up that easily. They decided to give the detective agency another shot, and got new missions from time to time, enough to have enough money to survive on.

But one morning, a year later...

...things were not as usual...

Espio the Chameleon found himself waking in an unfamiliar house. "Where am I? What happened to me?" he asked himself. He then noticed that he had been injured and that several parts of his body had been covered with bandages.

After a lot of effort, he managed to climb out of the bed. Little did he know that his greatest adventure ever was just about to begin..."

Further screenshots:

Title Screen...

Screenshot from the Introduction...

Talk to the Mobians to get clues...

Briefing with Vector...

Let's fight!

Check your status from time to time...

...and hold on to your money. You *will* need it!!

Meet old friends...

What happened to Mighty?! Did he...*gasp* turn evil? Play the game to find out...!

Other stuff

As I wrote above, I have been programming this game since May last year. Without spoiling too much, I could tell that the game is a pretty long one - you will probably not get through the entire game in just a rainy afternoon. There are a few side-quests to explore, and there is no less than six possible endings depending on your actions and decisions!! So, there is a little bit to explore...There is also said to be a hero and a villian from the Fleetway Sonic Comic universe in the game as well...!

I would never have done it without all my friends and fellow artists that helped me to create this game. These are all the credits to the game:

Programming & Script
Magnus Andersson

Felipe Marcantonio
Jessica Fox
Elson "Darkspeeds" Wong
Jennifer Hernandez

Battle Art
Felipe Marcantonio

Alex "Rugalb98" Ayala
Meredith Caudle
Magnus Andersson
Scott Gordon
Maringa Mikic
Malcolm Ted Noyes

Thanks to:
Heran Bago
Kalle Ljungdahl
SkyTower Games
Scrap, OmegaFire & ChaoticYoshi
Mary "Solly" Yamazaki
Nigel Kitching
Richard Elson
Aun. 61
Dr. Sipp

Sega Thanks to:
Scott Hawkins (Sega of America)
Stefan McGarry (Sega of Europe)

Special Thanks to:
Tim Fewell

Have fun!!

If you have any further questions or comments, please send me an e-mail!