Twisted Mettle

Chaotix of Tomorrow continues!!

Available for download!! (November 25th, 2008)

The story of Chaotix of Tomorrow is not over! I know that I said that I never would create a sequal to CoT...but I had a change of heart. I have been working, together with several friends of mine on the sequal, Twisted Mettle, and this game takes place two years after CoT. Mobius is under a new threat, an even greater one this time...and this time...the Saturday Am crew, with princess Sally Acorn, is the leader!!

Does the name "Twisted Mettle" ring a bell, by any chance? Well, in 1996 I was working, together with a guy in South Africa, called Ablater (as well as some other people down there) with a 2D plattform game with Sally, called Twisted Mettle. I was doing the animation sprites (as unbelievable as it may sound) and it actually looked good, the project came out very nicely. However, we only managed to create a simple demo that would lock up early, and that was it. Ablater got busy and the project died, which was a great shame, as the project was quite well-spoken of in those days. And now, more than 10 years later, I really felt like bringing this project back to life, and I also got great feedback from I decided to create a sequal!

To download the game, you need these two files, and TwistedMettle.lzh (37Mb)
Click here to read setup.txt. Please read!!

A walkthrough to the game, containing complete information about all locations, items, bosses, heroes etc is written, but it hasn't been uploaded online because I don't want you all to get through too easy. However, by sending me an e-mail, I will send the walkthrough to over you. :)

Although Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie are the main heroes in the game, this game will be Chaotix-related as well, so fear not, Chaotix-fans. Also, there will be a lot of people hidden all over Mobius and Angel Island (and perhaps even in other dimensions, who knows...?) that could be recruited. Can you find everyone and unlock the "Prophecy of Acorns"?

No, the last screenshot is not taken from any other game. :) Twisted Mettle also contains some mini-quests, gambling is one of them. Are you lucky enough to win the jackpot...?

If you have any questions or comments, please send me an e-mail!